Thursday, August 26, 2010

हौशी (Translation: Amateur)

The first week of school flew by! Hindi for Beginner's class is already proving to be pretty entertaining, as all of us Americans stumble through the almost indiscernible difference between sounds like "tuh" and "teh" or "pu" and "puh": I'm not exactly a shining star in that course, but with some studying and lots of practice I might be able to efficiently order off an Indian restaurant menu some day. One can only dream. 
Our second day of school was probably the most exciting, when three local students entered our classroom during lecture, stating simply but firmly, "Hello, friends. Today students are on strike. You leave now." Apparently, the students were protesting against the rising costs and unfairness related to the 'commercialization' of education. But don't worry, our program was diligent enough to find us another building to use that was off-campus. (Snore.)

I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to stay with a family. Feels like home away from home! The company is wonderful, and they are ever-patient with my endeavors to learn. Ira, the 10 year-old girl, is getting me acquainted to everything India: from the language to the fashion. In fact, one morning Ira came into the kitchen, jumped back- startled and with a repulsed face- saying, "EW. NO HANNAH! You mustn't wear your hair like that!" It turns out my bad fashion translates across cultures. At least I'm consistent...

Hope all is well where you are!

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  1. i absolutely love it. annnnd i think your fashion is amazing. ten year old.. schmen year old although im sure she's the cutest thing of my life. i totally wish i could see all these awesome things with you. thats really cool about the kids coming in your class protesting. i cant wait to hear more stories and see pics! i miss you oh so much :-(
    wait... what else are you going to do!? omg i need more stories! call me! email me! mail me! everything me! do more blogs me! haha i love you hanny and i think about cha every day! here i thought i was far from home! im so proud of you!