Tuesday, October 5, 2010

खाना (Translation: To Eat)

Happy October!
After a nice calm week at home, Bina (my host mom) suggested we make some American food for dinner on Saturday night. She mentioned that Kansas City was known for its barbeque. On behalf of Kansas City: Thank you, world. So, she would like me to cook a sample of Kansas City's world-renowned, sophisticated palate!

“Oh, wow! Yes! Yes, that would be great! You have a grill here?” I said, eagerly swiveling my head around, looking around for the grill I must have overlooked these past two months. I kept looking, and finding nothing, I looked back at Bina. She sat staring at me with such excitement, like she had the best secret in the whole world swelling inside almost bursting to get out.
“We will MAKE one!” she exclaimed triumphantly.

Right then. In case you’re wondering, this is a sample of homemade grill tips you can access online.

Pictures like this:

And idiots like this:  

File:Paul Wall.jpg
 How to make a Homemade Grill
 1. Gather your materials
2. Cut foil into desired shape 
3. Place in mouth and press down all over your teeth
4.Make alterations if applicable. 
5. Suck down so it has the extended teeth feeling
(Granted, I never should have clicked a link that spelled
grills as "GrILLZ")

USELESS. Slightly disheartened, I realized we were on our own. In the late afternoon the day before the grill, I slipped into panic mode. But, Erik and I somehow managed to create a [barbeque] grill out of an old dish rack and aluminum foil. The aroma of smoky chicken, vinegar mushrooms, and garlic bread soon filled the air, making the house smell like a summer day at home.

The delicious products
Bina and Ira made a lovely marinade, Erik did a fantastic job manning the grill, no one went to bed hungry, and the house was still standing when we went to bed. All in all, I think it was a great success! Now for round two: shrimp!

I hope that you are doing well, and all is well where you are! Take care!


  1. thats the best story ever! you're so entertaining! miss you!

  2. Next you should make a homemade particle accelerator:


  3. Particle accelerator was my natural first instinct, but the recipe didn't have cooking instructions for it.

    Can't count on anything these days.