Wednesday, October 27, 2010

तैरना (Translation: To Swim!)

Hello! Happy (almost) Halloween!

Since we're entering the summer season here, four of us students rounded up to take a trip to cool off a bit: a trip to a little beach oasis called Paloelem.

Late bus connections, expensive rickshaws, and a pinch of rain made us a little dazed and frazzled upon our arrival. Minor details! After a refreshing cup of chai, we tromped along the shore towards our hotel. We approached a small river along the way, and as our good fortune continued we realized that rains had recently washed away the connecting bridge. So, wading we went! (We went to the beach expecting to get wet anyways, right?)

Casual stroll to the hotel
 Generally I try to travel in lesser-known places, but I had a good time relaxing in this tourist hot spot. The Paloloem tourist scene pleasantly surprised me. European and Australian backpackers with dreds studded the beach, talking about "the importance of savin' nature, bro". Restaurants brought out raw fish on plates to allow patrons to select their next meal. Not to mention swimming in the warm ocean water is a perfect way to spend any weekend.

Cows, it turns out, appreciate quality beach time too.
All in all, great success! Granted I look slightly like a toasted lobster by the end. However, a light sunburn was small price to pay for such a great weekend with Erik, Lauren, and Stephanie.

Hope all is well where you are!

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