Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ज़िन्दगी (Translation: Life)

"Koran burning talk kills 14 in Kashmir: Valley's prestigious Tyndale School, over a dozen buildings torched; police blame separatists for inciting violence..."

This, along with other similar news stories, is what plagued my morning tea and daily reading today. It's amazing the what Mr. Terry Jones was able to spark with a few words bred from ignorance.

India, however, continues to impress me. The food has won me over completely. One dollar can buy a limitless amount of food for lunch: chipates, dahl, paneer, dolsa masala... and I can even order from menus written in Hindi sanscrit now!

Steps to ordering food:
1. Waiter will bring one, and only one, menu to table.
2. Read desired food item from menu.
3. Wait patiently as the waiter corrects your pronunciation, and makes you repeat the item until you say it to his liking.
4. Recieve food.
5. Eat only with right hand, and eat EVERYTHING.
6. Waiter will bring bowl of water. This is for RINSING HANDS. Not drinking, as the lemon floating in the water implies. (As I learned the hard embarrassing way. Also, it is important to note that the water is scalding hot.)

I've put up a couple of photos at this website: http://picasaweb.google.com/109670637928687185774/India#5516648181695679586
I plan to add captions and add more photos soon.

I hope all is well where you are! Take care!

Look closer: it's not Indians in this picture! It's me and Erik. Along with the delicious food, we're also embracing the clothes. I know what you're thinking: we look like locals now!

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