Monday, September 20, 2010

बचाना (Translation: To Escape)

This past weekend, Erik organized a trip to the Elora and Ajunta caves a mere five hour drive away. Six of us scampered over and explored over 64 caves! These "caves" were carefully carved out of the cliff sides and used for Buddhist and Hindu temples. Phenomenal! These huge, intricate structures must have been created with hands more patient than my own.

A glimpse inside the massive caves
We were also able to squeeze in a glance at the Taj Ma-small: a smaller version of the Taj on Saturday. Little pranksters only made the bottom four feet out of marble...the rest is painted plaster. I'm on to you, India.

The Mini-Taj at sunset.
On the way back on Sunday, we were able to take a quick tromp around a MONKEY INFESTED FORT.  Three dream words for everyone's inner Indiana Jones and impossible to turn down! Monkeys were, as promised, infesting the entirety of the massive fort. One monkey even managed to bully a nearby tourist out of his bag chips (1. Stupid for bringing chips. 2. Where did he get those delicious looking chips?). Needless to say, I wrestled the ferocious monkey, then launched him into the atmosphere by his tail. [Read: A security guard threw rocks at the monkeys while I hid behind a small child.]

Right before the scoundrel stole chips from the tourist behind me.
It turns out that although the fort was pretty cool looking, it was rather inefficient considering it got conquered on five separate occasions (not counting the sixth take-over, and continuous reign, by the monkeys). 

Hope you're doing well! Take care! I'll put up more pictures on the Picasa link next week.


  1. This is great. I'm glad you are having such a good experience. Enjoy!